Way to replace Facebook’s New Reaction buttons with pictures of Pokemon or even Donald Trump

This is how to change the mainstream Facebook Reaction emoticons to Pokemon, Donald Trump's faces and so many others.

Last months, all of Facebook's users around the world are allowed to use the Facebook Reaction function, along with the familiar Like button. The Facebook Reaction is a new way for users express their expression towards a post or a status, including love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

And so far if you're having fun using this reaction collection, you'll be delighted to learn that there are even more types of reactions. The Reaction Packs were created by Rodney Folze, who is UC Berkeley student. This is therefore not an official Facebook offerings. His creative packs include everything from Donald Trump's face, Pokemon to Rage Faces, with an aim of pleasing everyone.

Swap out Facebook reactions for something a little more fun

Swap out Facebook reactions for something a little more fun

Particularly, Rodney creates a new extension for the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers on the desktop version of Facebook. At the moment, the developer only have browser extensions for those two browsers. Therefore other web browsers' users may have to wait for awhile. Once downloaded and installed, users can freely to choose which pack they want to use.

It lets you replace those boring Facebook reaction emojis with other funny pictures. To have more expressive reaction buttons, or to replace the traditional symbol, you should simply follow the instructions below:

- First, you need to download / install Reaction Packs for Facebook at Chrome and Firefox web store.

- Next, select an emoticon pack according to your preference at Reaction Pack site

- Finally, you go back to Facebook, refresh (F5) and try to see the result. Is it simple and fun right?

If none of the current reaction pack options appeal to you, it's possible to make your own packs. When you are a photoshop talent, you can contribute and fill our pack with anything you want. But before having your own pack, it is necessary to successfully submit your own set to the site. If your designs are accepted, you'll be credited for your submission. Find out more information from the extension website.

Because Reaction Packs aren't officially supported by Facebook, you FB friends will not see anything if they do not install the same pack as you do.

There is Pokemon package

There is Pokemon package

There is Pokemon package  React your way with Trump ... or with Bernie Sanders

There is Pokemon package React your way with Trump ... or with Bernie Sanders

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