Utilities in the future smart homes

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the concept of smart home has been appeared in several countries. So many smart home models have been launched around the world, but with the development of technology and the Internet of Things wave (IoT - Everything connected), smart home of the future will have features that will go beyond imagination than at the present.

Household items to identify family members

The house of the future will be smart enough to distinguish the members of the family. And I will also have the ability to serve the needs of each individual based on personal biometric signs such as fingerprints, body temperature and or heart rate. Through a wrist device such as smart watches, homes will rely on heart rate and body condition of the employer to automatically adjust the lighting, room temperature, play your favorite songs ...

An application that controls all things in the house

Currently, each smart device in the home often comes with a control application. Managing the entire applications is also problematic with researchers for the time being.

In future, it is expected that smartphone, tablet or smart watches can control everything in the house through only one application. Air conditioning, television, sound system, kitchen, door systems, garage ... will be automatically synchronized with each other, depending on the owners’ setting as "Go to work", "Home", "Go to bed," Entertainment "and" Partying "...

Items to predict what homeowners will do next

Once homeowners waking up thank to the alarm clock, the sensors hidden everywhere in the room will know it is time to activate the devices in the house. Lamp will automatically turn on light, temperature bathroom will be ascending, hot brewed coffee will be made, together with weather forecast will be reporting.

Refrigerators will remind users of upcoming out-of-dated food items to use immediately, or it will provide users dinner receipts based on what is storing or said what to buy on the way back home...

Your house will be smartly controlled in the near future

Your house will be smartly controlled in the near future

Along with that, the car will be always available, by getting instruction from your phone or watch.

Electrical energy savings

A house with many devices may consumer a lot of energy. Smart House will install multiple sensors to automatically turn on or off the devices at the appropriate time in order to save electricity and energy.

Energy can be saved with smarthome

Energy can be saved with smarthome

Motion sensor can control the lights, TV, computer, sound system and the oven will be turned off when no one is in the room or at home. Light sensor can control curtains, interior decoration and window when having the outdoor light data. Meanwhile, the temperature sensor controls the air conditioner operation when the outdoor temperature is too hot or too cold.

Equipment from different manufacturers can be integrated

2014, Samsung bought SmartThings, a company specializing in the manufacture of automated equipment to enter the smart home market. Two units are developing an open platform that allows devices from different manufacturers can work together. In the future, Samsung refrigerator can send messages to television which comes from different company, announced the cabinet is damaged and need a repair...

Along with talent from SmartThings, far Samsung has become the big names in the field of intelligent home and promises to have many technological innovations in the future.

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