The Swiss famous watchmaker decides to compete with Apple SmartWatch

Swatch Group AG, which owns many brands of watches, has planned to launch three smartwatches this year. Next month, the most notable brand of Swatch AG - Tissot, will officially enter the market for the smart wearable devices.

The smartwatch market could become a bit more colorful in the coming months. This is because the Swiss Watch Companywants to directly compete with Apple and TAG Heuer watches on the smartwatch market.

Tissot has a rich and fascinating history

Tissot has a rich and fascinating history

“Tissot will present a smartwatch at Baselworld,” Swatch Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek said. According to him, Baselworld trade fair will be taken place in 17th March. However, so far he refused to disclose the information related to as specifications and materials. Last year, the 163-year-old watch brand has registered the patent for a watch that features Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

He declined to comment on the new device functions

He declined to comment on the new device functions

Besides the Tissot, the Swiss watch manufacturer has revealed it plans to launch other two smartwatches within this year. They will distribute Swatch Bellamy, a watch that can support mobile payments, in the US and Switzerland in August 2016. Additionally, the Swatch Touch, having functions linked to the Olympics, will be the company’s third innovation this year.

Tissot's smartwatch follows a year that saw Swatch's stock fall 21%. Therefore the company has to quickly entry the wearable and mobile payment market.

For the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August, Swatch is planning a second version of Swatch Touch – the Swatch Touch Zero. It will be sold at low prices and offer a number of features related to a volleyball tournament as step tracker and a clap-o-meter that records the intensity of applause.

Nick Hayek didn’t offer additional details such as how much it will cost and how the device will interface with Android and Windows software.

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