Sony’s FES – an e-paper timepiece with extremely unique design

At CES 2016, Sony has been rather "quiet" when not referring to any mobile related products. Interestingly Sony can still attract media, technology lovers and users with its waterproof watch called FES.

Sony FES is really just a watch, not a smartwatch. It is rather a fashion watch; a thing of minimalist beauty. Through this crowdfunding project, Sony tries to bring the users a new level of style and versatility to wristwatches rather than the new levels of technology smartwatches.

It has a very impressive and unique look when being able to be changed into different colors. Unlike other watches, Sony FES enables users to experience through 24 different display settings with transparent design. So that users can change it every day to match your style or your mood or even your imagination. The Sony FES Watch is incredibly thin throughout, as the band is integrated with the entire chassis. This model ends up with weighing only at 43 grams and a 7.5 mm thick case.

The style of the watch face and strap changes at the touch of a button, with 24 designs to choose from

The style of the watch face and strap changes at the touch of a button, with 24 designs to choose from

Equipped withe-paper technology, FES owns very long battery life compared to the Smartwatch. In fact, the clock FES is designed to prolong battery life of about two years.

Sony FES is the first timepiece that has no “smart” features as the other Smartwatch line, only for viewing time. If anyone is looking for a watch, having a simple function and being in style, then FES would be the most appropriate choice with unique design style. In addition, this device also allows the user different optimized options to adapt the lighting conditions during the day or night.

As reported, together with Sony, there is the Fashion Entertainments - a startup behind this crowdfunded watch. They explain “The S in Fashion Entertainments/FES indicates the plural. The name reflects our desire to collaborate with users and creators to design a new lifestyle. Our logo captures the idea that FES is made by connecting the ideas of many people in different places.”

If you are impressed and thinking about owning a Sony FES, it will be sold through the Museum of Modern Art for the price of $299.99. Although the FES watch is just introduced at CES 2016 a few days ago, it has been selling at various stores in US from 14 Dec, 2015.

The FES watch is carefully born from Japanese engineering and craftsmanship. Therefor this water resistance fashion timepiece is well worth its price.

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