Smartwatches – meaningful technology gifts for this Christmas

Smart Meter technology is identified as a useful product, which not only free you from the domination of the phone, but also make young people worldwide become more fashionable and trendy.

Speaking of smart watches, we often think of the expensive Apple watches, although not everyone agrees to pay too much of money for a smartwatch contact. This following list is about the "affordable" smart watches, that you can consider as aChristmas gift this year.  

1. Filip

Made and distributed in the US.

Cost: $ 200 USD

The clock was invented by Sten Kirkbak, who had lost his children in just 30 minutes out of control. Therefore, products is specially made for kidsfeaturing with smart positioning, GPS and WiFi.

A nice design from Filip

A nice design from Filip

Parents are entitled to establish a safe area (SafeZones) on the clock so that they can control their child. Using the FiLIP app, you can see your child’s location on a map at any time. For parents with multiple children, you can simply create a profile for each child in the FiLIP app. FiLIP keeps families connected in the way they want to be without the need to buy a young child a smartphone. Besides, in the event of an emergency, your child can press the red button on their FiLIP for four seconds to initiate Emergency Mode.

Filip has the features of water-resistant, sleek shape, fashion design with 5-color variety. It is also allowed to download many types of games, ...

Filip drawback is limited to 5 contacts phone number, the message one way (only from smartphone parents, unable to stay) and the price is relatively "harsh" than the clock communication equipment.

2. GizmoPal LG

Origin: South Korea. Distribution in the US

Cost: $ 80 to buy domestic US

As a member of the "famous family" LG, launched in late May 11/2014, this product is known as the KizON in Korea but to the US, the new name of it is GizmoPal jacket.

GizmoPal pluses design of simple, easy to use with a single button. Parents can identify the map location of their children via GPS and Wi-Fi positioning at any time. The system stores information on the application also allows parents, siblings check places you frequent most often, the longest stop of the day. The clock is also likely to call the phone number preset.

GizmoPal mainly sold online and distributed offline in a few stores in the US.

GizmoPal mainly sold online and distributed offline in a few stores in the US

3. GPS Caref

Origin and Distribution in the US

Price: US $ 99.97

GPS Caref

GPS Caref

Caref allows parents holding their child's GPS position. The notice of the location and itinerary of teen are updated every 10 minutes through the companion smartphone app. Similarly Filip, Caref also provides features to install "safe fence" for parents. The regime will alarm immediately when teen "is off the limits".

When in danger, you can press the SOS button on the side of the clock in order to call for help. Simultaneously, the numbers of contacts are built higher. If the first contact does not respond, Caref clock automatically contact the next one to call until the end of the list.



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