BlackBerry Priv and Passport prices discounted on Valentine's Day and beyond

Are you planning to get a BlackBerry smartphone? Then this is your chance. Both BlackBerry Priv and BlackBerry Passport are part of a Valentine's Day deal, which take place from Valentine 2016 until the end of the day 24th February

If you are in theUnited Stateand are interested in these two models, you can purchase the BlackBerry Priv directly from the company’s online store for $650. This is the unlocked and off-contract price. The handset is normally sold for $699.99 so that’s a $50 discount you’re getting on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, customers can purchase the Priv handset for £529.

Passport is beautifully crafted and designed

BlackBerry is also offering a discount on the Passport in both countries. That handset can be purchased for $399 in the US and £349 in the UK.

In terms of design, the PRIV borrows heavily from the Passport

In terms of design, the PRIV borrows heavily from the Passport

To give customers an added incentive to consider its devices the company is also giving a free accessory bundle with the Priv and the Passport. You will receive the accessory incentives such as protective shell Smart Flip Case and Sync Pod (used to transfer data between smartphone and computer devices). Yet, please note that the promotion price of Priv and Passport is only in the period from now until the end of the day 24th Feb.

Despite the advanced configuration, Priv and Passport are completely different in terms of design and also styling built platform. The BlackBerry Priv is a slider while the Passport is an unusually wide slate. Priv completed under the sliding QWERTY keyboard and runs on the Android platform (Lollipop). One the other hand, Passport is also directed to the more nostalgic when it is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard just below the screen.

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